Web Site Manager and Content Creation

Web Site Manager

Smart Gorilla comes bundled with a web content management system to complete our all-in-one web solution for your organization.

On the day your Smart Gorilla account is provisioned, you’ll be provided with a ready-to-personalize web site, including all the tools you need to build and manage your organization’s online presence.

Without any special tools except your web browser, you’ll be able to personalize your web site — add your logo, select from a variety of color themes and even create your own colors. You’ll have two page layouts defined — a home page, and an internal page layout. You’ll be able to edit these layouts, and create your own additional layouts as you expand your site.

Your starter site will include the following core pages: About Us, Make a Donation, List Events, and Contact Us. A starter Donation form, Membership form, and Event posting will be configured.

Enable Features

The key features of the Smart Gorilla engine will appear in appropriate places in your template — for example, links to upcoming events, a membership signup form, a donation form. You can opt to move these features or remove them from within the web site manager. All this is done from your web browser — no special software required.

You can add new menu items to your site, and you can add unlimited pages of content.

Creating content is just like working in a word processor like MS Word. You’ll have access to all sorts of features, like font styles, tables, numbered and bulleted lists.

You can easily add links between pages, and to external web sites.

A Professional Look

Within a few hours, you’ll have a great looking web site that is ready to be launched!


Custom Site Design

Need a custom design? Our design team can create a unique design that reflects your organizational branding — and we build our custom templates to be responsive, meaning that you’ll be able to reach your members on their desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Our rates are competitive, and we invite you to contact us so we can learn more about your unique requirements.

Cloud-Based Non-Profit Web Suite

Smart Gorilla is an integrated Cloud-based solution that delivers a comprehensive solution for the management of members, donations, events, and your organizations' web site.

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