Powerful Membership Management

Eliminate Excel Spreadsheets Forever!

Are you stuck trying to manage a membership list in Excel? I know, none of us want to admit it… But it’s okay, we’ve all done it. And we all know it’s cumbersome, frustrating, time-consuming, and not the way to do it. Well good news! With Smart Gorilla, you’ll never look at another membership list in Excel, Access, or (notepad!) again. Instead of working on the membership list, Smart Gorilla gets the membership list working for you!

Powerful Contact Management

Everything starts with a contact list. With a solid contact list manager, you can then manage donations, memberships, event registration, subscriptions, pledge management, email campaigners. And you can keep track of all these things, without pulling your hair out (that’s for mad gorillas, and we’re Smart Gorillas around here). You will manage all your contacts in one central location. Access permissions control let you define who in your organization has access to membership details.    

Extendable Contact Details

In addition to the core contact details you’d expect, you’ll have access to ways to extend the information you collect about your members:

  1. Customize your contact list with unlimited custom fields
  2. Create multiple address entries per contact
  3. Geo-tag address locations for mapping outputs (so you can visualize your contact list on Google Maps)
  4. Track types of preferred contact methods. For example, flag privacy settings like Do Not Call, Do Not Email
  5. Track demographics (used in membership reports)
  6. Tag users and assign contacts to groups

Central Membership Management

Eliminate the frustration of managing memberships, determining renewal dates, and tracking membership histories. With Smart Gorilla, you’ll have a single point to view all memberships. One click and you’ll know which memberships are about to expire, which are new or pending, and which memberships are in a grace period. And you can define your own membership states and associated business rules.

Single Screen to Manage Membership Details

You can easily review any membership, update details, handle renewals, and see any associated contribution/transaction amounts.

Membership Signup and Renewal Forms

Easily publish your membership forms on your web site. No programming required. All you need to is create a new web page in our content manegement system, place your cursor where you want the form, and from the HTML editor choose from the available list of forms.

Customizable DashBoard

See the information that is most important for you. Select from a wide range of existing reports, or create your own, and then publish them to your personal DashBoard. For example:

  • Create a donor report that shows a bar graph of total donations for the past 3 months.
  • Show a list of recent system activities like donations made, mailings sent, recent event registrants, pending actions
  • Display a summary by month of memberships renewed.

Depending on the dashlet you create, you will be able to click on various items to access specific information relevant to each report.  

Cloud-Based Non-Profit Web Suite

Smart Gorilla is an integrated Cloud-based solution that delivers a comprehensive solution for the management of members, donations, events, and your organizations' web site.

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