Event Registration and Management

Stop paying the 3rd party guy! Manage your own Event Registrations

Do you like parting with $5.00 or more each time you have someone register for your events? We don’t add any per transaction costs on top of your registrations. Our Event Registration System (tightly integrated with our Membership Database). You can choose your preferred payment gateway and the only fees you’ll incur are whatever the payment gateway charges — we will not add any additional charges to your event registrations.

Let’s Get Your Members Involved!

With Smart Gorilla’s Event Management you can:

Create an Event

  1. With Smart Gorilla, you can create unlimited events.
  2. Classify events (for example, Conference, Workshops, Fundraiser, Workshops, and you can add your own classifications)
  3. Create event templates for repetitive events
  4. Create locations that are re-used for other events making it really easy to create new events at popular locations
  5. Include a Google Map to show the location and provide directions
  6. Set events as paid or free
  7. Enable online registration start and end dates and times (so you can close on line registration before the event)
  8. Create custom fields and profiles to be displayed at the time of event registration
  9. Opt to enable multiple registrants at one time, and multiple registrations from the same email address
  10. Customize content to be shown in the registration form
  11. Send confirmation emails to registrant and event administrator
  12. Tell a Friend option for completed registrants to spread the word about your event
  13. Share events via RSS feeds

Collect Payments

You can select from major payment gateways like PayPal, Google+, Authorize.Net, and 8 others, so the funds go directly to you.

Manage Registrations

  1. Search for registrants using a comprehensive search form
  2. Review registrant details, flag as attended, send email confirmations
  3. Bulk update registrations event attendee status
  4. Export registrants for provision to 3rd party event co-ordinators
  5. Bulk email registrants
  6. Print event name badges

Cloud-Based Non-Profit Web Suite

Smart Gorilla is an integrated Cloud-based solution that delivers a comprehensive solution for the management of members, donations, events, and your organizations' web site.

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