Donation Management and Online Payments

Donation Management

Donations are the life blood of your organization. Using Smart Gorilla, you can easily execute your entire campaign in one place. Using your existing contact list, you can segment your contacts and prepare email solicitations tailored to various demographics, to ensure your message appeals to different individuals. With all information in one location, you’ll avoid the nightmare of wading through old databases, email programs, spreadsheets, and old campaign lists. And as you run your online campaign, Smart Gorilla collects all donor information — contact names, mailing addresses, emails, donation history, and payment information. Information you’ll be able to leverage for every future campaign. Each donation form offers massive flexibility. You select the features you need for each form. Some key features include:

  • Accept real-time payments via popular payment gateways
  • Optional Pay-Later feature
  • Allow for recurring donations and pledges (weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Set minimum and maximum donation amounts
  • Allow donors to specify their own donation amount within the maximum and minimum amounts, and also offer fixed donation amounts
  • Enable Widget support so your donors can post and promote your donation form directly on their own web sites
  • Set start and end dates for donation forms (useful when widgets are enabled)
  • Offer Premiums – You can offer thank you gifts and control which gifts are offered at specific donation thresholds (for example, a coffee cup for a $20 donation, and a t-shirt at $100)
  • Enable Personal Campaigns — to allow people to create their own fundraising pages that link into your donation page
  • Leverage social networks to spread the word of your campaign. When a donation is completed, the donor can click to share the form address on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Payment Gateways

Online payments are easy for people to complete, and ensure funds make it to your bank account quickly. Our payment system also allows you to record payments by cheque or cash, and manage the workflow through to payment collection. We do not charge any fees for your transactions — so you can choose your preferred gateway provider. When a payment is made online, it is recorded immediately, and email notifications can be sent to 1 or more individuals in your organization. Our solution provides support for a wide range of popular payment processors, including PayPal, Monaris, iATS Payments, Payflow Pro, and Stripe.  

Cloud-Based Non-Profit Web Suite

Smart Gorilla is an integrated Cloud-based solution that delivers a comprehensive solution for the management of members, donations, events, and your organizations' web site.

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