30 Day Money-back Guarantee

We want you to know you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from using Smart Gorilla for your organization. And we stand behind that belief!

So, you’ve reviewed our web site, and you’re pretty sure Smart Gorilla is the right solution…  We’re going to remove any lingering questions and any risk!

Sign up today, and try Smart Gorilla for the next 30 days. And if, any time up to 30 days after you sign up, you feel that Smart Gorilla hasn’t met your expectations, let us know, and we’ll refund you your monthly fee. If we designed your web template, we’ll give the source files back to you (sorry, no refunds on template design — we hope you agree that only seems reasonable, since you can use the template elsewhere).


Cloud-Based Non-Profit Web Suite

Smart Gorilla is an integrated Cloud-based solution that delivers a comprehensive solution for the management of members, donations, events, and your organizations' web site.

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